Sibrape UVC

Serving the needs of the market in relation to the health and preservation of the environment, Sibrape Pentair has the UVC division, first in Brazil to offer the best equipment for sterilizing water and air.

This technology uses light lamps with ultraviolet C that destroy micro-organisms in the water, in the air or on surfaces, causing a photochemical reaction. Thus promotes environmental sustainability treated without the use of chlorine or other industrial products.

Widely used in water treatment systems for municipalities and industries, makes decontamination in cases of drinkability, reuse or treatment of tributaries.

With this initiative, Pentair SIBRAPE swimming pool leads to consumers and partners better quality of life with their products. It also offers the latest technology in the market, which is indispensable in places where biosecurity is essential.

For more information, visit HERE the website HERE SIBRAPE swimming pool UVC.